NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070Ti Worth Buying?

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070Ti Worth Buying?

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070Ti came out about 1.5 years ago and in that time a lot of demanding games have come out. At the time it was able to run 4K Games at Medium High settings but in pursuit of ever growing PC gaming industry will the GTX 1070Ti be able to live up to it’s name, Let’s find Out.

Being Nvidia’s latest release, the GTX 1070TI is a product that was created to contest the market which was sure to be dominated by the RX Vega 56. It is an undeniable fact that the VEGA 56 is a powerhouse of a card which can take even the GTX 1080 head-on in certain titles but because of cryptocurrency mining and higher power requirements, it isn’t something that everyone can afford to get.

Realistically, the GTX 1070Ti is a cutdown version of the GTX 1080 and in most game, it comes extremely close in terms of gaming performance even though it uses the much older GDDR 5 memory instead of the GDDR 5X in the newer models.

The VEGA 56 having the latest HBM-2 memory would easily wipe the floor with this card on paper but the real-world gaming results for these cards suggest otherwise.

GTX 1070Ti Specifications

When it comes to whether or not the GTX 1070TI is worth buying, its specs sheet is worth taking a look at:

Graphics Card

GeForce GTX 970

GeForce GTX 1070

GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

GeForce GTX 1080






Cuda Cores





Relative Performance


2.5 – ~3.0

 3.2 – ~3.5

 ~3.5 – 4.0

Frame Buffer

3.5 GB GDDR5



   8 GB GDDR5X

Memory Speed

 6 Gbps

 8 Gbps

8 Gbps

  10 GBps / 11GBps

Core Clock

1178 MHz

1683 MHz

1683 MHz

 1683 MHz


 ~$250 – $300

$349 US


 $499 – $550

Both the 1070Ti and the 1080 are similarly specced; the main difference is the memory type used, the memory bandwidth and the price.Cuda Cores are 2432 on the 1070ti vs 2560 on the GTX 1080, which are essentially identical.

When overclocked, Nvidia’s latest graphics card can easily reach the performance of a stock GTX 1080 though you would have to use conventional overclocking software to achieve the results.

The GTX 1070TI Can be overclocked

While there were many rumors floating around that the GTX 1070TI was un-overclockable, the reality is that it actually can be. Nvidia imposed a restriction on board partners (or 3rd party video card models) only.

You can easily overclock Nvidia’s latest graphics card without a problem using conventional software such as EVGA Precision X or MSI afterburner.

But, for most people, overclocking their graphics card is still a taboo, especially when you consider the general mindset about overclocking to the non-tech savvy community.

GTX 1070Ti Gaming Benchmarks

GTX 1070Ti gaming benchmarks tell a very interesting story. There is not a lot of real-world difference in the 1070Ti and the GTX 1080 in terms of gaming.

While on paper, the relatively slower memory speed and the older frame buffer would’ve been a problem, it really isn’t in terms of benchmarks.

There is a very tiny deviation from the GTX 1080, though it is still considerable. The current GPU market is inflated.

Is the GTX 1070TI worth it for 2K?

In short, yes. The 70TI can easily be a great match for your 2k monitor and complement your system well at that resolution. We’ve discussed that this GPU is basically a cutdown version of the 1080 and the performance is very similar.

The gap in performance is basically bridged with a simple overclock and you can easily get 1080-esque 2k performance on your graphics card that is 50 to 80 dollars cheaper.

You’ll easily be able to play most games out right at 2K resolution on the 1070TI with settings cranked up to Ultra (or high-ultra in some demanding titles) and achieve good FPS.

Overclocking would yield improvements on top of that.

 Is the GTX 1070Ti Worth Buying over a GTX 1080?

This is not an easy thing to answer. It’s all market price dependent at this point. Considering the fact that overclocking the graphics card would yield similar results to a stock GTX 1080 tells us that the market share can still be focused towards the 70TI.

The MSRP for the 1070Ti is at $449.00 and you’re getting performance similar to the GTX 1080.3rd party cards may cost slightly lesser than that, at around $420 – $430 but will go all the way up to around $460 for the higher tier varients.

The nearest GTX 1080 (G1 gaming/ Gigabyte/ chinese brands) would still cost you around $60 to $80 dollars for ~5 to ~10 (depending in the game) percent better performance that can easily be covered by overclocking the graphics card.

When compared to the Vega 56, this GPU is still worth considering, mainly due to the market inflation for VEGA cards (still at around $100 above MSRP at some places).

The GTX 1070Ti is worth buying if you’re on a strict budget and want GTX 1080-esque gaming performance and if you don’t mind cracking up sliders a little bit on MSI Afterburner then this GPU is well-worth the money saved.


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