Is PC Gaming Better than Console Gaming?

Is PC Gaming Better than Console Gaming?

Is PC Gaming Better than Console Gaming?

Hello fellow gamers, nerds and Geeks, today our topic of discussion will be PC Gaming and how it relates to console gaming?

Many PC Gamers and gamers in general argue that PC Gaming is better than Console Gaming but let’s find the validity of that argument today. This article will cover everything from PC Gaming to comparison between consoles along with the pros and cons of both.

The Basic Argument

“PC is better than Consoles” is the statement that you’ll hear from almost every PC Gaming Enthusiast, even if you are not a PC Gaming Enthusiast and you know the power of PC then you and along with You I will also agree that PC is far more powerful than console but when the statement comes that “PC is better than Consoles” then it can be narrowed down in a lot of categories which is Gaming Experience, Capability, Portability, Graphics, Story, Games etc.

PC is More Powerful

PC is more powerful than Consoles, you know it and I know it too, we all know it. Why? Why because the same PlayStation 4 console you’re using is powered by a Graphics card whose architecture is similar to and equal in performance to PC graphics card which knows by the name of AMD RADEON 7870 HD or NVIDIA GTX 660 and in 2019 that graphics card is almost obsolete falling in the category of minimum system requirements. 

Let’s narrow it down with this argument that by taking an example of a game that is available across both platforms. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

Now this game is available on both consoles i.e. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and available for PC on Microsoft Windows.

The PlayStation 4 powered by an AMD GPU having the GCN 1.0 Architecture can renders this game at a Resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a targeted framerate of 30 frames per seconds but when the same game is run on PC with same graphic card at identical settings and resolution it runs around 35-40 frames per seconds but now below 30.

You’ll find it funny to know than overall the PlayStation 4 couldn’t maintain 30 frames per seconds and there are times when the frames even fall below 25 which is really poor as the standard is set to a base of 30 fps for enjoying the game and recommend is 60 for best experience.

Winner: PC

Better Graphics on the PC

Even a guy who knows the basics of the technology or even if he has common sense then he can tell that graphics on PC are far better than console. Why? Because PC has the power of customization. You can make your own PC just the way you want.

Let’s put it this way the PlayStation 4 cost around $300 and the the best 1080p Ultra Gaming Graphics Card that you can buy for PC is either GTX 1060 or RX 580 and both of them cost around $300. Now the thing is the entire PlayStation 4 system cost around $300 and a PC component that is responsible for just generating the graphics or the visuals of the game cost around the same price then you know that why the graphics on the PC are better. Is it because of the accessibility to expand and customize as per your own experience and PC gaming takes away the cake in this regards.

Winner: PC


Whereas all the major AAA Titles that are available on PlayStation or Xbox, also get’s released on the PC as well and due to the fact one can’t argue that there is shortage of the games on PC. But yes there is a place where the PlayStation 4 takes away the cake and that is because of it’s exclusive titles which any gamer can’t afford to miss.

Titles like God of War, the Last of Us, Uncharted make PC gamers go mad and the thing is you can’t play these games on PC, not because PC lacks the capability to play them, but the thing is they don’t get released on PC, the major reason people go for consoles.

But then again there are multiplayer games on PC which includes DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and what not, and those titles are not available on the PC. Still to take about games, let’s say out of 100 games there are 5 games that are not available on PC and is just limited to PlayStation 4 and apart from that there is no scarcity of games on the PC.

Winner: DRAW


If you look at the technical specifications then YES, the PC takes away the cake from everyone and I mean YES everyone but then again at the end of the day it all just comes to personal preferences. Most people just want to turn on the system, insert their Bluray disk and jusy straight away play the game without caring for graphics or frames rate and then there are enthusiast who can’t compromise on even the slightest details and go for PC.

In my personal opinion, I would buy the PC to play all the major AAA titles and just use console for the exclusive titles.


Posted 7 months ago by Asfand Yar


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