How to Choose a Gaming Headset

How to Choose a Gaming Headset

The people nowadays are most certainly very tech-conscious, especially regarding the sound. We have come a long way from the time of mute black and white videos. Today we will be looking at one of the vital needs of all gamers, that’s right I am talking about the best budget headset.

A gamer or even a layman at this age and time will appreciate the best sound quality within economical budget. Thus it brings us to this topic as to what an individual should look for in a decent headset, which will not make one destitute. Don’t we all agree on that?

Since there is a huge industry of headset, as you enter the market there will obviously a lot of products to choose from; but one thing you must remember is everything that shines is not gold. The headsets are not merely an equipment to listen but it is an upgrade for your gaming skills and gives a person a sense of realism. The things a person must look into for headsets are…


The first thing is deciding how much to invest in the headsets. In my opinion, $200 is more than enough funds to find a decent headset in the market. But we have to make a few compromises since there is always something better at a greater price. As we have heard from our elders “nothing is perfect” and because of tech advancement, there is always something new on the market. Well not everyone has enough funds so you don’t need to get all depressed as you can find good headsets below that $200 marker, which is below a $100. But for that, you will have to sacrifice some of the luxuries.


Well, the sound quality is the one thing one must absolutely and totally never compromise on. Why else would you invest even a $100 if the headset does not have a good sound quality?

A good and high bass is an absolute necessity for first person shooter gamers. This feature adds a sense of realism to those hours of gaming sessions. This feature more than comes forth as the substitute for the surround sound feature which might be a bit costly.

The other good feature to have a headset is the 7.1 surround sound, though it is optional since this will increase the budget of the headset you are looking for. Surround sound is a feature which basically has drivers installed in each ear pad which emit the sound in certain angles as to create a realistic atmosphere. Caution! When you find this feature in a low ranged price product steer clear of it. Since some cheap products advertise that they have this feature but that is simply a cheap hack and will only distort the sound quality.

Since every day the technology is evolving the manufacturers are trying their best to reduce the acoustic impedance in their devices. Basically lower the impedance better the sound quality.


Now let us discuss a bit about the level of comfort we are looking for and how we can pick a suitable one. Well for hardcore gamers and sound conscious users alike comfort is one thing they cannot compromise upon. Honestly, in my opinion, no one really wants headset which, like some mountain troll seems to be crushing your skull in long sessions of your games or during the movie, right?

We shall look at the build quality the headset should be light and durable since we will be wearing them for long durations. The band should be pretty flexible and light in weight. Now on to the next step the ear pads should be such that the cover the entirety of your ears to avoid sound from getting out or in and affecting our sound quality.

There are some headsets with a noise cancellation feature which means there is an exterior inverted speaker which produce a sound to cancel out the unwanted sound and definitely increase the sound quality. Most headphones these days have this feature so it is a must to have.

Let us talk a bit about how to judge the ear pad quality, the leather ear pads definitely look exotic but they also have their cons. And during long periods of donning those headsets, one will feel irritated with the sweat due to leather restricting the air flow in that region. The ear pads must have a soft cushion to make your experience much more comfortable.

When you enter the market, you will stumble upon all sorts of variety. There will be headphones with open closed or both types included headsets. The ones with both types are suitable since you can have an option of switching to any kind depending on your mood. But if this thing will increase the price of the article I would suggest opting for the ones with only closed ear pads option. Since open earpads will cause the sound from within the headphones to spread around in the room causing disturbance to people around you.


The wireless headsets these days in the market do seem comfortable…

And are obviously comfortable obviously! Who would like being tangled up in all those wires when you can have that same sound experience in the wireless ones, don’t you agree?

Well, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this feature is an absolutely and definitely a luxury feature and only be a huge blow to your finances. Don’t go for the wireless ones unless you want to spend the rest of your month as penniless. Since the good headsets with wireless feature start right about $300.

But if you have that sort of funds then definitely go for the wireless ones, who in the world would refuse such a good feature which will definitely give you a sense of freedom and won’t give you the feeling of being bound by your gaming platform…


Let’s wind this all up. When you are choosing new headsets, of course, you need to do some research. Since the computer geeks like us don’t take the quality of sound lightly. Like, olden times the kung fu masters often secluded themselves in nature and meditated for training. Same as them we also like to immerse ourselves in those games and movies. Since the world out there is unfair obviously the headset industry is not an exception…

There will be things you will have to compromise upon since the industry wants to profit off of us. There will be some cheap headsets which will boast of all sorts of features and will be tempted to buy them but if you stick to the things I have pointed out, you might be able to steer clear of those scams. As the saying goes everything that shines is not gold!!!


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