FiiO F1 and F3 Reviewed – Worth buying?

FiiO F1 and F3 Reviewed – Worth buying?

Being an audiophile is a gift as well as a curse. Gift because you are sensitive to sound quality and you don’t settle for less but on the same side also it is a curse because when you don’t get the right headphones and earphones, you’re looking for then it becomes a curse. Finding the right earphones is really important and with so many options to choose from find the right one for yourself isn’t easy.

So, what is it that sets audiophiles apart from other people? Almost everyone loves music, but the audiophiles have that keen bar that all earphones can’t touch. Apart from high volume, the sound quality, the bass, treble and other things, there needs to be a lot of things in earphones that makes them really amazing. The 5 main things that matters are:

  1. Sound Quality
  2. Bass
  3. Surround Effect
  4. Build Quality
  5. Comfortability

While choosing the best headphones for yourself you should keep the above mentioned things in mind and with that said apart from sound quality one thing you shouldn’t compromise on is the comfortability because a comfortable earphones promise hours of music playback.

While a lot of people surprisingly don’t know about FiiO, this is still undercover for the most part as you won’t find their products on the front shelves of stores, but they are actually quite good if you want a reliable, considerably inexpensive yet effective audio drivers.

When it comes to the FiiO F1 and the FiiO F3, I’ve not only grown used to them but have also grown fond of them, and hardly ever leave the house without them in my pocket (or in their convenient carrying pouch).


Both the FiiO F1 and F3 are great earphones for the money; when it comes to customer satisfaction and general price to performance ratio, these headphones defined FiiO’s standing as an emerging audio brand.

Both the F1 and the F3 are pretty much the same in terms of looks, but there is a difference, basically, in the sound drivers, either of them contains.

F1 – 9.2mm Dynamic Driver with 160hm Impedance
F3 – 11mm Dynamic Driver with 400hm Impedance

The specs are essentially rather close to each other but the F3, undoubtedly has a slight edge over the younger, but still twin brother.

Beyond sound

While both the F1 and F3 are similar, their packaging and unboxing experience isn’t much different either compared to each other.

Both of them come with medical grade silicone ear molds along with a nice, decent looking black carrying case.

The main difference between the F3 and F1 in terms of packaging and included items is that the F3 has replaceable plates of a different color, which gives it a slightly different look using either of the included plates.

As for the design, the F3 is slightly shinier and has the included plates, where as the F1 is slightly more matte without the plates. The cables are soft and comfortable, and both of the models come with a built-in mic. While the mic isn’t anything amazing, it’s more than enough to make video calls or even record your voice. Though, I wouldn’t suggest you start your singing career with it.



When it comes to the in-ear fashionable design, both the FiiO F1 and F3 won’t give you the best looks but at the end of the day, it’s about comfort, right?

When it comes to comfort, both these earphones are great. Their lightweight, carryable, slick and most of all, unintrusive. However, the sound isolation factor isn’t the best we’ve seen, as their considerable audio leak from the outside and from the inside.

It isn’t bad though, no one will be able to make out your music or conversation but it is still noticeable.

How it sounds

It will sound little super geeky and nerdy but in simple as per build quality you know that it is built using “Japanese copper-clad aluminum” which offers amazing sound experience and sound quality that will blow you mind away.

Like in my review I used my normal daily drivers and then I shifted to FIFO F1 and F3 and there were times that I heard things that I didn’t know existed in my sound tracks

coppWhile both the FiiO F1 and the FiiO F3 are amazing little products for the price, coming at such a small cost, they are definitely worth the buy.

F1 has a warmer, darker yet an easy going sound with really good bass. While there some treble misses, the general tones which emerge from this product are pretty silky smooth and clear, with great bass and generally nice treble.

As for the F3, both on paper and in real life testing, we have seen that the product is better than the F1 but not by a lot. While there are more accentuated treble responses and a much sharper sound, the bass is heavy and has a quick recovery time, making it perfect for just about every kind of genre of music.


If you want a considerably cheaper, high-quality and sleekly designed product which is both comfortable and provides rich, sound with heavy bass, both the FiiO F1 and FiiO F3 are amazing little products which are definitely worth the money.


Posted 7 months ago by Asfand Yar


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